2016 Layout


Market Lot Layout 2016

Here is a PDF of the layout of the market lot layout as proposed for 2016. North is up and the view is as if you are on top of the South Street Building looking down and toward the Downtown Mall

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A forum about the New Location if you wish to comment or discuss is here

Vendor interactive home base location map across Virginia is here



Vendor Registration

Register to gain access to edit your vendor profile!

You can upload pictures, change your profile information, even make weekly deals and printable specials as often as you like. Register and begin immediately! One you have your email registered if you forget your password we will email a temporary password to get you going again, you can change your password anytime you are logged in.

Why do I need to pay anything to Register?

There is a small fee to cover the cost of all these services and web hosting and payment processing. We have created this for fellow vendors and are just trying to cover the costs and keep the site as flexible as possible and editable for each vendor. We are working with several developers to improve and enhance the functionality, that costs time and cash but we are committed to making this tool available and useful for our Vendors! The city might spend $10k a year on advertising – but this tool puts your image in your hands and you can update it as often as you wish – even make a new deal for every market midnight the night before a market – even add a deal or change info from your smart phone while you’re at the market! The city website just can’t do that – so we did it for you out of our own empty pockets – just help us pay for it and maintain it, and maintain our joint independence as vendors. This is powerful stuff.

  • The site is secured with an SSL certificate so you’ll use https:/www.charlottesvillecitymarket.com to ensure your information is encrypted.
  • The site is crawled daily to scan for malware and to keep google up to date
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  • We have many paid services wrapped into this website and will continue to try to improve vendor accessibility for promotion of their presence at the City Market.
  • Let your customers know and share your profile links on social media – create some deals and draw in customers to check out your profile each week.
  • Link your website to and from this site as well as Facebook and other social media.
  • There is a vendor directory search and a map showing vendor home locations dynamically created as the vendor profiles are created.
  • Never before have market vendors had such web power at their fingertips!
  • In order to edit your profile, create coupons/deals and manage content as a vendor you need to create an account.
  • forget your password? – we’ll send a temporary one to your registered email with a simple click.

What you can do sharing your profile to Facebook

Vendor Profile shared to Facebook
Vendor Profile shared to Facebook

Vendors register here for access to this site – this is not an application to sell at the market – you need to have that approved first by the Market Master at Parks and Recreation of The City of Charlottesville. see To Apply to be a Charlottesville City Market vendor


Not unique to this site just general smart web sense: To keep the site and your devices safe make sure you are using a secure connection and your computer is virus free- we will scan it daily – but for your own peace of mind use a virus blocking program and secure wifi. Avast antivrus FREE works great to trap most viruses or exploits during live transmission while you are editing. You only need the free version and to re-register once a year (nag-ware).

To register for your account to edit your profile complete the following form:

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Soc St. Andrew – Gleaning


Jim Hassmer



Gleaning at the Saturday Market: The Society of Saint Andrew team brings buckets to the market to collect donations of produce and foodstuffs from vendors that they distribute to shelters and facilities in the Charlottesville Area. Over 5000 pounds of food was collected in 2015 Market Season!


Gleaning in Virginia

The national headquarters for the Society of St. Andrew is in Big Island – near Lynchburg, Virginia. This office coordinates all the ministries of the organization, and oversees the regional offices in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee. The Big Island office also serves as the regional office for our Virginia operations.

The Society of St. Andrew has delivered more than 104 million pounds of salvaged potatoes and other food to the needy in Virginia through the Gleaning Network and the Potato & Produce Project. This has resulted in approximately 312 million servings of food going to Virginia’s hungry.

The Society of St. Andrew operates a statewide, volunteer-driven Gleaning Network in Virginia that coordinates with local farmers, thousands of volunteers, and food-providing agencies.

Through the Virginia Gleaning Network, each year we coordinate thousands of volunteers in six local areas who enter fields after farmers have finished harvesting and simply pick up the tons of edible produce left behind. Our volunteers represent groups from various church denominations, synagogues, youth groups, other civic organizations, and inner city residents. We annually glean over a million pounds of a wide variety of produce in Virginia. Please join us in this exciting hands-on ministry.

We can arrange gleanings based on any desired date! Contact us about the date you want.

Most gleaning events take place on weekends where gleaners arrive in the fields around 8am and are on their way home by noon. Society of St. Andrew makes all arrangements with farmers, produce containers and food distribution. All that volunteer gleaners need to do is show up. Volunteer groups are encouraged to take food back to agencies or programs that they support in their local area.

People of all ages can glean. Gleaners should be able to bend over and should be able to bend and lift several pounds of produce.

It is important that the contact person be reachable by phone during day-time hours.

Most of our gleanings are in the morning and last three to four hours. Gleanings are scheduled week days and on Saturdays.

If you have questions about when local crops are available, we would be happy to help.

Recent Virginia Facebook Feeds

View on Facebook

Snap Benefits


SNAP and Debit Information

Did you know that you can use your EBT (SNAP) or debit card to make purchases at the City Market?  It’s easy!

  • Stop by the Market Central booth, and swipe your card
  • Receive the dollar amount that you designate in wooden market tokens to spend at the market

screen-capture copyFor DEBIT card users:

  1. Swipe your card for the desired amount in $5 increments (we’ll add a one dollar convenience fee to cover the bank fees and administrative costs)
  2. Receive $5 tokens to spend like cash throughout the market
  3. Change can be given for these tokens
  4. Tokens are good throughout the season

For SNAP/E.B.T. card users:

  1. SNAP beneficiaries (formerly Food Stamps) can swipe their card at the booth, and get $1 tokens to spend on qualifying food purchases at the market
  2. When you get SNAP tokens, you’ll also receive a matching dollar amount in double voucher coupons to spend along with the tokens, up to $10 (the coupons are possible through grant from the Wholesome Wave Foundation)
  3. Vendors are not allowed to give change for SNAP tokens.

Want to give a market gift certificate?   We’ve got them at our table – just stop by for details!

Have more questions or want to get started accepting tokens as a vendor?  Email Kelly, our SNAP/Debit Coordinator, at snap-debit@marketcentralonline.org

Fees Due


The Charlottesville

City Market


Welcomes you to its 43rd Season!

All Vendor fees were due March 11th, 2016 .

___x__$ 35.00 Registration Fee

___­­__$ 25.00 Electricity Fee (only available to vendors in rows B&C)

Vendors who had power in previous years have first dibs

Please remember the following things.

All Market vendors will be expected to pay their own sales taxes.

Please make checks payable to: The City of Charlottesville – Charlottesville Markets

Please mail check to:

Charlottesville Markets

Charlottesville Parks & Recreation

P.O. Box 911

Charlottesville VA 22902

You may also pay this by credit or debit card by calling 434-970-3260. Please be sure to supply your name as well as your space number when using this option.

For online payments https://cvilleparksandrec.formstack.com/forms/cm_payment

All Vendors will be in your space set up and ready to sell at least 15 minutes before the market is scheduled to open. Traffic is not permitted after this time.

Vendors should always treat fellow vendors, market staff and customers in a respectful manner.


  1. Anderegg-Maloy

Stephanie Anderegg-Maloy

City of Charlottesville – Parks & Recreation

City Market Master

434-970-3371 phone

434-989-9385 cell phone


Seeking New Market Manager


Since our beloved Manager, Stephanie Anderegg Maloy, has retired and moved to greener pastures – Parks and Recreation are seeking a new Market Manager.


Dear City Market Vendors


It was my plan to communicate with you at the Vendors Meeting on February 20th.  But I now realize that will be too hard to wait.


I would like to be the first person to tell you that I have turned in my resignation to the City of Charlottesville.  I will no longer be the Market Master for the City of Charlottesville.  As of February 22, I will be working for The Rock Barn.  I am very excited about this new opportunity.  It has been 12 ½ years and I feel it is time for me to move on to a new adventure.


I do plan to be at the Vendor Meeting to say bye, but it will not truly be goodbye.  I will visit the market as much as I can.


I hope that 2016 is an amazing market season for you all.


I am sorry if you received this twice.  Some did not receive it.


Stephanie Anderegg-Maloy

City Market Master

P.O. Box 911

Charlottesville Va 22902

434-970-3371 phone

434-970-3596 fax


Job Posting

Position Open -City of Charlottesville Jobs

Market Manager Description


Under general supervision of the Business Services Supervisor, performs responsible professional work in planning, organizing and promoting the City’s multiple City Markets; does related work as required.

Primarily and most frequently the work done here is under general supervision, with related functional areas and more advanced applications. Reports to Business Services Supervisor.

 Essential Responsibilities and Duties:
Provides oversight for day to day management of multiple seasonal markets.
Solicits and screens new vendors including but not limited to analyzing marketing offering and customer needs to ensure each market offers a balanced product selection; and conducting on-site vendor inspections and reference checks.
Assists vendors, ensuring good and clear communications;
Analyzes, develops and enforces market rules and regulations;
Responds to citizens, city officials, vendors, and others inquiries and requests for information regarding market operations;
Schedules entertainment, non-reserved vendors, and non-profit organizations;
Organizes and participates in market set-up and tear-down;
Computes and collects rental fees;

Deposits and accounts for funds collected;

Prepares financial and activity records and reports;

Works in conjunction with Business Services to develop, coordinate, and organize promotional and marketing strategies;
Analyzes, develops, and organizes business strategies to increase revenue collections;
Assists with development and management of operational budget;
Supervises and trains Market employees;
Manages EBT/Debit tokens and local currency programs.
Coordinates the work of the Vendor Advisory Board;
Responsible for creating a safe welcoming atmosphere for market participants.
Must be able to work flexible schedule, including weekends.
Performs related tasks as required.
 Education, Experience and Skills:

Education: Any combination of education and experience equivalent to a 2-year degree from an accredited college or university. Minimally, possession of high school diploma or GED is required, and one and a half years of relevant work experience may be substituted for each year of the required higher education.

Experience: At least two years of experience in related field or occupation.

Skills: General knowledge of the principles and practices of bookkeeping; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with vendors and the general public; ability to enforce rules with firmness, tact and impartiality; ability to prepare records and reports; ability to write clearly and concisely.

 Organization Competencies:

Interpersonal Effectiveness/Communication: Provides information and guidance that assists others in making decisions; explains issues and/or concepts with clarity and confidence. Composes documents and reports that analyze, synthesize and convey complex information accurately and professionally. Listens to the ideas of others and applies them on the job, as appropriate and is able to suggest communication process improvements. Balances individual and group needs.

Service/Support Orientation: Responds to underlying service and support concerns and issues. Demonstrates an in-depth understanding of others’ needs and responds appropriately. In addition to city and agency guidelines, exercises good judgment in responding to others in unique and difficult situations.

Multi-tasking/Problem Solving: Balances multiple, complex tasks and completes them under general supervision. Gathers data using advanced measurement and analytical methods.

Organization: Sets priorities within agency and program guidelines. Uses more difficult project management methods. Organizes related sets of responsibilities that require multiple steps for completion. Resolves own schedule conflicts. Manages appointment and assignment scheduling responsibly.

 Job Family Competencies:
Operational, workflow and resources deployment: Demonstrates the ability to interpret and explain complex problems and issues and the related data collected. Completes problem solving and decision making in defined operational areas and within areas of professional expertise relying on own resources without close supervision.
Applies knowledge of day-to-day operational processes, workflow, and related performance measurements: Tracks information and activities in progress to identify errors and omissions and take remedial action. Demonstrates advanced knowledge of overall operations output and productivity goals; measures and controls process variation. Reliably advises other workers concerning more complex or difficult work or situations, non-conformance, cost factors or contract specifications. Coaches or helps other workers in how to collect data, measure progress and report status, outputs or productivity.
Possesses subject matter knowledge and expertise in functional/professional area: Demonstrates ability to coach, mentor or train others. Resource to others in difficult or more advanced areas.
Coordinating and organizing operations: Reviews the plans, drafts, charts, schemata, and designs of others for accuracy. Thoroughly understands operational planning matters such as resource allocation, activity planning, routing, and scheduling and can solve related problems on own and advise others in more difficult matters. Knows and applies higher level project management techniques
Project Management: Coordinates and allocates resources to meet objectives using systematic project management techniques.
Uses information technology effectively: Proficient in more advanced software applications and demonstrates user level skill in specialized software applications
 Physical Conditions & Work Contacts:
Duties are preformed both in a standard office environment and outdoor with potential exposure to extreme weather conditions and extreme brightness.  Physical demands include occasional stooping, kneeling, crouching, pushing, pulling, and feeling; frequent crawling, reaching, repetitive motion, fingering standing and walking. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. occasionally to move objects.   Must be able to hear and communicate effectively with or without accommodation. Work requires frequent contact with the public.

Possible Time Change


For many years the Charlottesville City Market has operated from 7AM till Noon Saturdays throughout the growing season – something has happened to suggest a time change to 8am till 1pm. Most farmers didn’t seem to take much notice, but some felt it was a really bad idea.

  • Produce is best early – too much heat after 11:00 even –  heaven forbid till 1:00pm- and then it goes into a hot customer car?
  • Customers will still show at a 6am trying to buy early and interrupt setup
  • Setup traffic will be worse – as early in the morning as possible is best with road blockage etc
  • Later the almighty downtown customers will be trying to park – during pack up and break down running over cords etc
  • Later will create more conflict with downtown lunch  businesses
  • Nobody can leave early – so many farm vendors might find themselves stuck till later than they want to be there.

Time Feedback

Perhaps you should let staff know how you feel about this:


The TaxMan Cometh


TaxMan Visits

The Tax collection Dept of Charlottesville spoke to vendors at the Feb 20, 2016 meeting notifying the vendors that they were subject to Meals Tax and Business License in some cases. He requested that vendors contact their office to see what they might owe and how to file required taxes.

The Commisioner of Revenue

It seems that downtown businesses are concerned that Charlottesville City Market Vendors are not paying the same meals tax they are required to pay and have called in to the Commisioner’s Office to complian. Let’s hope we can remain good friends with our fellow downtown merchants and avoid further conflicts – such as parking, set up and breakdown, and noise – as our future new location will be hosted by a commercial developer.. Don’t worry what could possible go wrong?

Tax Details

Meals Tax

Every business in the City of Charlottesville is required to levy a 5% tax on all prepared edible refreshments, nourishments, and liquids to include alcoholic beverages.

New businesses are to complete the Meals Tax Registration form and send it to the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office.

Meals Tax is to be remitted with the Meals Tax Return Form on or before the 20th of the following month.

Meals Tax FAQ

Meals Tax Table

For further information regarding Meals Tax, please call .

Business License

If this is your first year in business, your license tax is based on an estimate of your gross receipts. Once your business has been in operation for a full calendar year, the business license tax will be based on the previous year’s gross receipts.

The Business License Application may be printed and mailed to the Commissioner’s office at:

Charlottesville Commissioner of the Revenue
P.O. Box 2964
Charlottesville, VA 22902


For further information regarding Business License Tax, call .