Market Development Meeting Changes From RFP


Important Meeting for All Vendors

We need to Make our views known or the City Market may suffer unreasonable changes as the developer deviates from the original proposal to build a permanent home for the Charlottesville City Market.

West 2nd Development Meeting


City Market RFP Response Volume 1

Feasibility Report

Feasibility Report - Charlottesville Market District v3


Possible Time Change


For many years the Charlottesville City Market has operated from 7AM till Noon Saturdays throughout the growing season – something has happened to suggest a time change to 8am till 1pm. Most farmers didn’t seem to take much notice, but some felt it was a really bad idea.

  • Produce is best early – too much heat after 11:00 even –  heaven forbid till 1:00pm- and then it goes into a hot customer car?
  • Customers will still show at a 6am trying to buy early and interrupt setup
  • Setup traffic will be worse – as early in the morning as possible is best with road blockage etc
  • Later the almighty downtown customers will be trying to park – during pack up and break down running over cords etc
  • Later will create more conflict with downtown lunch  businesses
  • Nobody can leave early – so many farm vendors might find themselves stuck till later than they want to be there.

Time Feedback

Perhaps you should let staff know how you feel about this: