Seeking New Market Manager


Since our beloved Manager, Stephanie Anderegg Maloy, has retired and moved to greener pastures – Parks and Recreation are seeking a new Market Manager.


Dear City Market Vendors


It was my plan to communicate with you at the Vendors Meeting on February 20th.  But I now realize that will be too hard to wait.


I would like to be the first person to tell you that I have turned in my resignation to the City of Charlottesville.  I will no longer be the Market Master for the City of Charlottesville.  As of February 22, I will be working for The Rock Barn.  I am very excited about this new opportunity.  It has been 12 ½ years and I feel it is time for me to move on to a new adventure.


I do plan to be at the Vendor Meeting to say bye, but it will not truly be goodbye.  I will visit the market as much as I can.


I hope that 2016 is an amazing market season for you all.


I am sorry if you received this twice.  Some did not receive it.


Stephanie Anderegg-Maloy

City Market Master

P.O. Box 911

Charlottesville Va 22902

434-970-3371 phone

434-970-3596 fax

Job Posting

Position Open -City of Charlottesville Jobs

Market Manager Description


Under general supervision of the Business Services Supervisor, performs responsible professional work in planning, organizing and promoting the City’s multiple City Markets; does related work as required.

Primarily and most frequently the work done here is under general supervision, with related functional areas and more advanced applications. Reports to Business Services Supervisor.

 Essential Responsibilities and Duties:
Provides oversight for day to day management of multiple seasonal markets.
Solicits and screens new vendors including but not limited to analyzing marketing offering and customer needs to ensure each market offers a balanced product selection; and conducting on-site vendor inspections and reference checks.
Assists vendors, ensuring good and clear communications;
Analyzes, develops and enforces market rules and regulations;
Responds to citizens, city officials, vendors, and others inquiries and requests for information regarding market operations;
Schedules entertainment, non-reserved vendors, and non-profit organizations;
Organizes and participates in market set-up and tear-down;
Computes and collects rental fees;

Deposits and accounts for funds collected;

Prepares financial and activity records and reports;

Works in conjunction with Business Services to develop, coordinate, and organize promotional and marketing strategies;
Analyzes, develops, and organizes business strategies to increase revenue collections;
Assists with development and management of operational budget;
Supervises and trains Market employees;
Manages EBT/Debit tokens and local currency programs.
Coordinates the work of the Vendor Advisory Board;
Responsible for creating a safe welcoming atmosphere for market participants.
Must be able to work flexible schedule, including weekends.
Performs related tasks as required.
 Education, Experience and Skills:

Education: Any combination of education and experience equivalent to a 2-year degree from an accredited college or university. Minimally, possession of high school diploma or GED is required, and one and a half years of relevant work experience may be substituted for each year of the required higher education.

Experience: At least two years of experience in related field or occupation.

Skills: General knowledge of the principles and practices of bookkeeping; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with vendors and the general public; ability to enforce rules with firmness, tact and impartiality; ability to prepare records and reports; ability to write clearly and concisely.

 Organization Competencies:

Interpersonal Effectiveness/Communication: Provides information and guidance that assists others in making decisions; explains issues and/or concepts with clarity and confidence. Composes documents and reports that analyze, synthesize and convey complex information accurately and professionally. Listens to the ideas of others and applies them on the job, as appropriate and is able to suggest communication process improvements. Balances individual and group needs.

Service/Support Orientation: Responds to underlying service and support concerns and issues. Demonstrates an in-depth understanding of others’ needs and responds appropriately. In addition to city and agency guidelines, exercises good judgment in responding to others in unique and difficult situations.

Multi-tasking/Problem Solving: Balances multiple, complex tasks and completes them under general supervision. Gathers data using advanced measurement and analytical methods.

Organization: Sets priorities within agency and program guidelines. Uses more difficult project management methods. Organizes related sets of responsibilities that require multiple steps for completion. Resolves own schedule conflicts. Manages appointment and assignment scheduling responsibly.

 Job Family Competencies:
Operational, workflow and resources deployment: Demonstrates the ability to interpret and explain complex problems and issues and the related data collected. Completes problem solving and decision making in defined operational areas and within areas of professional expertise relying on own resources without close supervision.
Applies knowledge of day-to-day operational processes, workflow, and related performance measurements: Tracks information and activities in progress to identify errors and omissions and take remedial action. Demonstrates advanced knowledge of overall operations output and productivity goals; measures and controls process variation. Reliably advises other workers concerning more complex or difficult work or situations, non-conformance, cost factors or contract specifications. Coaches or helps other workers in how to collect data, measure progress and report status, outputs or productivity.
Possesses subject matter knowledge and expertise in functional/professional area: Demonstrates ability to coach, mentor or train others. Resource to others in difficult or more advanced areas.
Coordinating and organizing operations: Reviews the plans, drafts, charts, schemata, and designs of others for accuracy. Thoroughly understands operational planning matters such as resource allocation, activity planning, routing, and scheduling and can solve related problems on own and advise others in more difficult matters. Knows and applies higher level project management techniques
Project Management: Coordinates and allocates resources to meet objectives using systematic project management techniques.
Uses information technology effectively: Proficient in more advanced software applications and demonstrates user level skill in specialized software applications
 Physical Conditions & Work Contacts:
Duties are preformed both in a standard office environment and outdoor with potential exposure to extreme weather conditions and extreme brightness.  Physical demands include occasional stooping, kneeling, crouching, pushing, pulling, and feeling; frequent crawling, reaching, repetitive motion, fingering standing and walking. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. occasionally to move objects.   Must be able to hear and communicate effectively with or without accommodation. Work requires frequent contact with the public.