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    NOTE: This information is available as a PDF as well. Email to request it.

    For the second consecutive year, the Charlottesville City Market will serve as a drop-off point for citizens to bring their food scraps, compostable food-related items such as paper towels, and certified compostable service-ware. Local non-profit GreenBlue will lead the effort. As part of this effort and to support the City’s sustainability goals, the City is working with GreenBlue to also divert market-generated waste from the landfill as much as possible through recycling and composting.

    What is compostable?

    • Any and all food scraps and vegetable matter (our commercial composter will accept meat, bones, and dairy)
    • Uncoated paper like napkins, tissues, paper towels (wax paper is ok)
    • Certified compostable cups, lids, straws, plates, bowls, trays, to-go containers, and utensils. *PLEASE NOTE items with recycled content, conventional paper cups and plates, and/or those called “biodegradable” are not the same as certified compostable. Look for the BPI certification label.

    DISCOURAGED ITEMS (these are not currently recyclable or compostable in our area):

    • Foam plates, clamshells and cups.
    • Hot beverage cups and plastic-coated paper plates (they have a plastic lining unless certified compostable).
    • Difficult to separate combinations, like a wax paper-aluminum foil combination or non-compostable plastic utensils + compostable plates.


    Email questions to

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